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HR Business Partner Aspring Capital met the members of the CFA Association Russia

January 26, 2023, Moscow – Natalia Mirskaya, HR Business Partner at Aspring Capital, held an online seminar for the members of CFA Association Russia and gave a talk about recruitment and new in-demand skills for financial professionals.

Natalia has presented an overview of the current market situation and mentioned that despite rising global uncertainty and volatility, the companies are more than ever focused on finding new opportunities to grow.

The participants discussed the most controversial topics, including project work as the increasingly popular option instead of regular hiring. “Project work is the right way to change industry or a related direction, if there is such a willing,” Natalia noted, “This format is comfortable for both the applicants to try something new and expand their professional horizons, and for the employer. The project job market is on a high note right now.”

In addition, the participants also touched upon the importance of soft skills that have become a trend in recent years. According to Natalia, cross-professional skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and communication are still the key elements both at the stage of the recruitment and in the promotion.

Vladimir Tutkevich, a consultant for CFA Association Russia, moderated the event. CFA Association Russia represents the CFA Institute, a global association of investment professionals.

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